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Where signed, photos by Trafford
Bhagalpur's Beaujolaise (Imp) x Premier Advish Missdemeanor

Olive is a real character and gets up (and in!) to all sorts! She is the daughter of our first homebred female, who is Scotland's first Premier marbled Bengal.  Premier is the title used instead of Champion for neutered cats.

Not to be outdone by her mother, Olive is the UK's FIRST CHAMPION MARBLED BENGAL,  we could not be more delighted with her.

Now Retired

GCCF Champion & TICA Grand Champion Esanes Impressionnant
Jagsun an Aussie at Hubblebub (Imp) x Glitterglam Cadarco Branco
Our stunning marbled sister to Ahmir.  Marbles is a nutter!  Always to be found sleeping or jumping up and off the kitchen cupboards, welsh dresser, fridge freezer.  She is a stunning marbled girl and passes her beautifully clear pelt to her kids. 
Marbles will be visiting Sebastian soon.
Esanes Assez
Jagsun an Aussie at Hubblebub (Imp) x Glitterglam Cadarco Branco

LC - so named as she believes herself to be a leopard cat! - is a lovely dark brown spotted girl with big chunky spots.  She loves being a mother and this is also the time when she is most affectionate with us, so a special time for us all. 
LC is in kitten to Swirlie

Silverglam Bobbie Blackspot
Silverglam Midnight Lover x Glitterglam Cashmere

Bobbie is a stunning young brown rosetted female from Jill & Geoffry.  She has beautiful chunky rosettes and brings some refinement to our lines.  We hope she will prove a valuable addition in giving us what we think she can achieve. Bobbie is a melanistic carrier and mother of our stunning Bagheera.  We look forward to seeing what we get from her in the coming years.

Hubblebub Midnite Mews
GCCF IGRCH & TICA QGC Esanes Etourdissant x Silverglam Bobbie Blackspot

Bagheera was a delightful surprise when she entered the world.  We had been looking for some time for a melanistic female to join our breeding programme so were overjoyed when we managed to do it ourselves!  We are currently looking for another melanistic for our breeding programme as they are just stunning.  Their pelts are packed full of glitter and their beauty has truly captivated us.  If you have a melanistic female or know of any availble for sale please do inform us.   
TICA & GCCF Ch Cheysuli Chamoise Chic
GCCF IGRCH & TICA QGC Esanes Etourdissant x Cheysuli Golden Witch

Cue is a grandaughter of the handsom Imperial Grand Champion Chrisjay Baracus.

Her first few shows have been fabulous.  With TICA she has won her champion title aged just 8 months.  With the GCCF she has numerous kitten first places, best of breeds and even 2 best of variety wins.  She is now an adult and has won her 3 CC's, making her a GCCF Champion as well!  Cue will now have a break from the show bench and will be mated to Swirlie.

She is from quite a remarkable litter, her brother winning the Premier at the Supreme, 2 siblings made TICA CHA at their first show and another going Double Grand Champion Alter from 2 shows.

Cue and Swirlie have had Kittens!
Esanes Ochtyer Erse
Bhagalpur's Beaujolaise (Imp)  x  Esanes Innoubliable

Tinker is a sheeted brown marble and we just adore her.  she has produced her first litter of kittens and they were outstanding - we can't wait to see what other matings produce.
Esanes Azif Awud
Jagsun an Aussie at Hubblebub (Imp)  x  Ch Esanes Joues Douces

Azif is the great grandaughter of our very first bengal female, Gaylee Brooklynqueen (F4).  We never can resist a kitten from each generation in this line and since her mother and grandmother were also marbles we had to keep Azif.  She has great type and is such a little sweetie.  Azif has produced her first litter of 2 kittens to our young boy Scamp and she has broken the chain, with both kittens being spotties and giving us our first snow kitten from this line.
CH Rockytop Mocha
Absoltely Distant Thunder (Imp)  x  Wildsidebengals Echo

Mocha, as you can see, is a stunning brown girls with huge rosettes.  A real character, a lovebug and a sandwich short of the proverbial!  She's a delight to have around the house and made CCF Champion title with ease.  We hope to try her at a TICA show soon, after she is finished rearing her equally stunning kittens.