Like many breeders, we started out with a pet.  Steven wanted a Maine Coon & Stuart, a bengal.  So one of each came to stay.  Having friends in the show world in other breeds led us to learn of a retiring breeder not too far from us.  She was looking for a home for her Stud boy and Queen.  We went along to see them and fell in love, we purchased Freddie (Moongold Fidelio) & Brookie (Gaylee Brooklynqueen) as soon as our little cattery was complete, as Freddie was a sprayer and Brookie used to living outside.

We had decided we would take one litter from Brookie and keep her as a neutered pet and then do the same with Freddie, hopefully bringing him into the house.  Only one kitten came from our first mating and, naturally, she stayed with us.  She is Advish Missdemeanor, our foundation girl.  After some persuasion, we entered BB into our first Cat show.  We had shown our Afghan Hounds a few times so managed well enough on entering and getting there.  When she scooped 2 first places, a best of breed and a special award we were hooked!

Brookie was neutered thereafter but we kept Freddie working for a couple years as we obtained some new females and had been completely drawn into the cat world. 

A year or two passed and we decided that we wanted something really special for breeding.  After a few failed attempts at trying to purchase a good stud cat from various UK breeders, we looked abroad.  We narrowed our 'foreign finds' to 2 catteries - Jagsun in Australia & Bhagalpur's in France.  After much deliberation and planning and spending (!!) we went for both boys.  We couldn't resist the markings and lineage of the Australian boy (Aussie) but adored the mother (a loving tri-colour champion marble) and outstanding type of the French boy (Antibes).

Now, a couple of years later, we are exactly where we aimed to be.  Our most notable achievments have thus far included :

  • Breeders of the UK's 1st Champion marbled Bengal (Antibes' daughter)
  • Breeders of the UK's 1st Champion, Grand Champion and Imperial Grand Champion AOC Bengal (Aussie's son)
  • winning Best of Variety with our home bred cats 10 times and 15 times in total
  • winning overall best in show three times
  • Owners of the UK's first Grand Champion Marbled Bengal
  • Owners of the 2009 International Best Seal Lynx Marbled Bengal

Since December 2006 we have owned or bred the following titled cats:

Imp Gr Ch & TICA QGC Esanes Etourdissant, Ch & TICA GC Esanes Impressionant, Gr Ch Starwinds Swirl, Ch Esanes Joues Douces, Ch Esanes Itwiznae Me, Ch Esanes Enfant Sauvage, Ch Rockingstones Dreamcatcher, Ch Macenvi Galaxy Swirl of Hubblebub, TICA SGC Kushiel Sebastian of Solargem,  TICA Ch Cheysuli Chamoise Chic, Pr Esanes Sarasvati, Pr Advish Missdemeanor & Master Agacat.

Our Bengals will be randomly and routinely screened for signs of HCM, a disease of the heart which affects many breeds of cat.  All of our Maine Coons are tested by DNA gene test and our Bengals by Dopplar heart screening at the Dick Vet in Edinburgh by their head of cardiology.  As the gene test can only test the known HCM gene and the Doppler can only tell how it heart is on that day, we do not feel it in the interest of our cats or kittens to claim our cattery HCM free.   All  Bengals now tested for Pyruvate kinase deficiency and the known (and DNA test available) forms of PKD & PRA.  If you have any queries as to the mentioned health issues or our results please do not hessitate to get in touch.

Us & Bengals ....
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