Please note that kittens sold as pets will be neutered before they leave us.  This is for a number of reasons :
  • It saves you the cost
  • If there are ANY problems resulting from the neutering, then we have to deal with it - not you, the new kitten owner
  • It is recommended by the GCCF and the FAB
  • It stops unsuitable cats being bred and helps safeguard the quality of the breeds future
  • It prevents unwanted litters and resulting rescue cases.

We like to keep a relationship going with people who purchase our cats and like to know of ANY problems or queries ... we are ALWAYS here!

Kittens leave us at 13/14 weeks with their pedigree and registration papers, a Royal Canin & ESANES kitten pack and a LIFETIME of aftercare.

We will only sell kittens of suitable quality for breeding and/or show purposes and we do not begin to assess their qualities untill they are at least 6 weeks old.
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Rough Pricing Guide

  • pet/show                       £450
  • breeder/show             £1000
  • stud                             £1500

  • pet                                 £350
  • breeder/show               £650
  • stud                               £750
Show wins cannot be garunteed.  If your kitten/cat does not win due to a fault (as listed in the GGCF S.O.P) or genetic abnormality,  a refund of the difference will be give between pet price and show price.


At present, only IGRCH & QGC Esanes Etourdissant is available to oustide queens.  Queens must be tested for FeLV, FIV and Pyruvate Kinase Deficiency.

Steven is now a registered microchip implanter after attending a course with
Pet-iD.  Obviously there are many benefits to having your kitten microchipped and we can offer this service for only £15.

One less thing for you to worry about!

We are happy to arrange delivery to the UK and abroad with reliable companies that we have used to import our boys and obtain kittens from the far south of England.  Due to our location, couriers can be expensive within the UK.   

some previous kittens

We can also provide you with the the following (pictured)

  • 'Pinc'  Bed
  • Safe n Sound Carrier
  • 5L Beauticat litter
  • Litter tray
  • 2 non slip dishes
  • Cat Scratcher
  • A selection of 6 mixed cat toys
  • 2Kg of Royal Canin Kitten Food (not pictured)

For just £50

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Bengal Kittens

Father : TICA RW QGC & GCCF GRCH Macenvi Galaxy Swirl of Hubblebub          Mother : Esanes Assez

  • Both boys now resrved


Father : SGC Kushiel Sebastian of Solargem                 Mother : GCCF CH & TICA GRC Esanes Impressionnant



Top left to right

Male marble
Female marble
Female marble

Ready for reservation now, ready to leave Dec 9th

Please note that kittens unsold as of December 16th will remain here until January when they will be available again.  A kitten is for life!